8015189 4.5 Kw Immersion with 2 x 4mm Cables


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4.5 Immersion with 2 x 4mm Cables Including Alloy 1 1/4 

Please note that OSO immersion heaters are a non-standard boss size.

A 50mm box spanner is recommended for installation.

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OSO Product Code : 8015189

Replaces : 71270, 71269

Compatible with : Super S, Powercyl, Ecoline, 20 Series, 16 Series, Twincoil, ECO120, ECO150, ECO180, ECO210, ECO250, ECO300, SXD120,SXD150, SXD180, SXD210,SXD250, SXD300, SCI120,SCI150, SCI180, SCI210, SCI250, SCI300, 20RI250F1, 20RI300F1, 20RI380F1, 20RI200TC, 20RI250TC, 20RI399TC, 20RI380TC, 20RI250SD, 20RI300SD, GEO200, GEO250, GEO300, Super S, Solarcyl, 20series, 16series, Supers