PRE355013 - 22*15MM 8.0BAR RELIEF VALVE


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22*15MM 8.0BAR RELIEF VALVE Only Compatible with Multibloc 355013 

OSO Product Code : PRE355013 

Compatible with : Super S, Powercyl, Ecoline, 20 Series, 16 Series, Twincoil, ECO120, ECO150, ECO180, ECO210, ECO250, ECO300, SXD120,SXD150, SXD180, SXD210,SXD250, SXD300, SCI120,SCI150, SCI180, SCI210, SCI250, SCI300, 20RI250F1, 20RI300F1, 20RI380F1, 20RI200TC, 20RI250TC, 20RI399TC, 20RI380TC, 20RI250SD, 20RI300SD, GEO200, GEO250, GEO300, Super S, Solarcyl, 20series, 16series,supers